Welcome friends to what I believe will be a life changing experience.  I had a dream many months ago that started with a simple phrase, “You Tell Me“.  This dream has now become a reality. The idea for the You Tell Me campaign stems from a song that I have sung for 8 years now, How Big is God.  There are millions of Christians in our world today who have no idea how BIG our God really is.  I have created a place where a community of believers can come together and discover just how big God really is.  There will be testimonials, video blogs, prayer requests, and so much more.  This will be a place where you can come everyday and find something new and uplifting.  I want you to feel at home here, because as far as I’m concerned, you are!

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    Pat Barker says

    WOW! It’s been a long few weeks but the day is finally here. God has been so BIG to me the last several years, I don’t know where to begin. From saving me, to giving me the greatest family I could ask for, to allowing me to travel the roads doing what I love, He has been faithful. This site was created for one purpose, to give glory where glory is due. God alone is the one worthy of the praise for everything. He Created the world and all that is in it. He allowed me and you a way of escape from hell by sending his one and only Son. He, through his Son and Spirit gives us life abundant everyday. That sounds like a BIG God to me!!

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    Luann Thomas says

    I’m overwhelmed by the fact that God loves me enough to not just supply every need…but to give me the desires of my heart! Thanks to everyone who prayed that my home would sell. The closing on that was today, and they broke ground on my new home today also! God is so good…

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    Robert McMillan says

    Pat, this is amazing! What an opportunity to share with folks everywhere! God is good, and is certainly big enough! Thanks Pat!

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    Alan Kendall says

    Pat, this website is a fantastic tool to witness to people in ways that even music cannot relate. I hope it reaches millions for Christ.

    If I may be granted to share a testimony on behalf of Savannah and myself, you can use it if or however you wish, however you feel led. This is lengthy, but maybe it will help somebody. Hopefully I don’t have too many typos here!

    If any people are a testament to the fullness of God, it is our family. Shortly before we were married four years ago, Savannah made me aware that she had certain health conditions that might prevent her from having children. We both knew God had put us together, therefore I knew I needn’t waver in my commitment to her over physical conditions that she clearly didn’t wish upon herself. We always knew adoption was an option. We were married on May 22, 2010, and fireworks have been going off ever since. We had no idea of the true power and goodness of God, but it didn’t take long to find out.

    In February of 2012, we conceived and discovered we were pregnant. Savannah was miserably ill from that point, but soldiered on. When we discovered we were expecting, we told very few people, as we wanted to be careful and get past that first trimester, as most expecting couples do. Savannah did not immediately tell her employers, as she did not want any added stress in her work environment, but did tell a couple of her close friends whom she worked with. In April, Savannah was told that she was being laid off from her job due to downsizing. Bursting into tears, Savannah then told them that she was pregnant. Their response was that nothing would change, as she did not personally tell them before they made the decision. They gave her less than two weeks notice, after which she would have to find another job. Two weeks after her final day at work, we discovered at her follow-up appointment that she had miscarried. To this day, the vision of her weeping with her face in her hands remains very vivid, and I will never forget the sorrow and helplessness I felt.

    We slowly pressed on. I continued working at a family medical practice and singing. Savannah took every odd job she could find, and began a business sewing dolls and custom-made childrens’ clothing. Finances were tight and depression set in heavily at times, yet we felt God’s hand on our lives, sustaining us daily. We discussed together many times how clear it was that God was in the process of showing something to us. At this point, we began seriously discussing adoption.

    As we were checking into our adoption options, we discovered in September 2012 that we were pregnant again, this time with triplets. We were both elated and petrified with fear. Unfortunately, our worst fears came true again, and we miscarried about a month later. At this point, we decided to take some time to simply cling to and enjoy each other, and pray for God’s timing and will. Within a few months, we realized that God was calling us to adopt, regardless of whether we conceive again or not.

    We were clueless as to where to start, but God knew the right people to place in our lives. Our first connection came in the form of a pharmaceutical rep and pastor by the name of Randy Grimes. Randy and his lovely wife Teresa have adopted six children, and have helped over 200 families adopt through their non-profit ministry, Jochebed’s Hope, based in Cumming, Georgia. This ministry is not an adoption agency, but a mentoring organization that presents the Biblical foundation for adoption. Randy and Teresa truly believe that a lost and dying world can be saved by way of adoption, and their goals are being met. Randy first counseled me on the remarkable parallel between adoption and salvation, and how we as Christians are adopted into the family of God. Teresa then gave us every phone number, fax, and email we needed to connect with every Adoption agency, Home Study organization, and Adoption Aid organization they could put before us.

    I wish I could say that the adoption process is easy, but it is not. In fact, it is one of the hardest processes any individual can undertake. There are more background checks, mountains of paperwork, and difficult people to deal with than anyone would think is humanly possible. Only about 2% of people here in the United States adopt, therefore, hardly anybody we encountered seemed to understand us when we said that we were adopting. I could write a page full of horrible questions and statements that we have received from people who were not necessarily being rude, but just simply didn’t understand where we were coming from. The process took us more than a year to complete. That long year was full of mountain peaks, deep valleys, anxiety, misunderstandings, financial hardship, bitter tears, prayers made on our behalf, cherished gifts, and last but not least, a drive to finish the process that amazed even we ourselves. We knew God was clearly working.

    In February 2014, we were connected with an agency called Building Arizona Families. We had gone through quite a few other agencies, spent a lot of money, and still had empty hands, but, believing this was at least worth a shot, we applied to adopt there. Within three weeks, we matched with a birthmother and were on a plane for Phoenix. Whoa!

    It was at this point, two days before the birth, that we learned the heartbreak of a birthmother who places her child for adoption. There is a large misconception that birthmothers who place their children for adoption don’t want their babies and are just simply throwing them away. In most cases, this could not be further from the truth. This dear young lady, through all of her domestic problems, illnesses, and drug addiction, knew this child needed a better life than what she herself could provide. She had given full prenatal care during the pregnancy, staying off of drugs for eight of the nine months. She only fell off the wagon when she discovered that at only 27 years of age, she had breast cancer. It was clear that she needed desperately to be ministered to. We have done everything we can to avoid preaching at her, but to love her to the Throne of Grace. I hope and pray that in the end, we succeed.

    On March 8, 2014, Evalee Hope Kendall entered into this world completely healthy at 6 pounds and 11 ounces, and within 30 minutes Momma Savannah and Daddy Alan were overcome with tears of joy. She is packed with smiles and personality, and she even looks like us. We could not be more in love with any other human being! She is the single most beautiful child I have ever seen (of course she is, she’s mine!), and together we praise God every night for her before we go to sleep. As I write this, she is nearing 5 months old and breathing life at its fullest every day.

    We can honestly say that the storms we weathered during the last two years seem so insignificant when we look at our daughter, and feel the victory, joy, and triumph her life has given us. The valleys were worth it. All the times that we were literally shouting in anger at God (and we did) were a testament to how big He truly is, and how much smaller our ways are than His. Whenever we just stop, close our eyes, and shift our hearts’ desires to allow Him to work through us, we see unbelieveable feats accomplished that we know that we ourselves could never accomplish through mere human efforts.

    I suppose two Bible passages best sum up my writings. First the very familiar Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct Thy path (KJV),” followed by what has become my life scripture, Colossians 3:23-24: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” The God we serve is a million times bigger than the world we see daily, and His picture is far greater than ours. If you are discouraged by something in your life, and you feel as if you will never see higher than the bottom, a greater plan is clearly ahead of you. Trust Him, and then go to work for Him. If we as mere humans can do that, the end result will always astound us, and always place us on mountain peaks that we never knew existed. I pray that I never forget those things.

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      Pat says

      What an incredible testimony!! Thank you Alan. Love you my friend.

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    David Bruce Murray says

    Have you considered doing a “Big God” themed recording? You could include “How Big Is God” again, “Bigger Than Any Mountain,” and of course, this Imperials classic:

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    jonathan edwards says

    Awesome site

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    Mary Crabtree says

    I sure am going to miss seeing you every year at Lake Ozark gospel sing. You are such a great singer. I am so glad I have lots of Marks music,so I can hear your voice every day.

    I am an old woman now, living alone. No family to turn to. Beaten and abused as a child, and on my own at 16 years old. Raped, alone, and scared. BUT MY GOD…was always with me, and still is everyday. Without him I am nothing, but with him, I am rich beyond measure..THANK YOU JESUS.

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    Kim says

    How Big is God 2 Me? Big enough to make our son’s dream come true by allowing him to be a student at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. As he was growing up, our son, Austin, would have various piano recitals and competitions on the campus of Samford. Even at a young age, he would always say, “this is where I want to go to college.” Fast forward to the fall of 2014, and Austin is a Samford student and will begin his first class on Monday, the 25th. Thank you, God, for giving our son the desire of his heart. Help us to always remember we are Your children, and the blessings You have in store for us are far more than our small minds can imagine!!!

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    Elaine Rhodes says

    Pat, that you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to our Senior Citizen’s luncheon at Saks Baptist Church last Tuesday. Sometimes the senior citizens of the church are forgotten while concentrating on the younger generation. We enjoyed your singing, your testimony and sharing wonderful fellowship with you. I pray for your “web” ministry and your music ministry. You have a wonderful talent. We are also remembering to pray for your father that he recovers and is healthy again. Thanks again and we look forward to another visit real soon.

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    Pat says

    God has been so good to me and my family over the last few months. I never dreamed I would be so busy. Having my family with me has been such a blessing. Thank you all for your continued support of this ministry. #HBIGyoutellme

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    Sandra Goldin says

    I was saved 30 years ago at the age of 24 and GOD has been so good to me. I was told at the age of 17 by 5 GYN that I would never have children and needed to have a hysterectomy but I said no. This news destroyed all hope for having the life I dreamed of having. The next 8 years were a blur I married and divorced 3 times and stayed stoned everyday. At the age of 24 at Draketown Baptist Church the Sandra I was born as died and a brand new Sandra came alive. 2 years later God brought into my life a wonderful gentle Godly man whom I married and after 3 children and 21 years later God decided he wanted him with Him. The next 6 years life has turned completely upside down and back up again. I remarried just 5 months after God took John, to a man I dated 23 years prior whom was also a Godly man but not everyone agreed with my decision. After 6 years I found myself with no home, no furnishings, or any thoughts of what lied ahead. Through trials it was my decision to give it all up for it did not mean anything anymore. God knew my heart and He was just giving me time to be able to turn loose of life as I had known and loved. Change can be hard but necessary to go forward. Today my husband and I live on lake Weiss and God is blessing me with better than I gave up. Life finally has a purpose again. I have 6 kids 6 in-laws and 10 grand children. He has even blessed me with a good church not even a mile from me. God is BIG and He is amazing I love him with all my heart.

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    Betty Kingston says

    To write a comment is really bittersweet for me since I was not privileged to hear you until 2 years ago. Just about the time I fell in love with your voice and ministry, you left. I’ve known Mark for a long, long time, because his father (a Baptist preacher) and my late husband (Baptist preacher), were friends. The last few years for me have been difficult. My husband and I said good-bye to our eldest son as he went to be with the Lord at the age of 41. 5 years later, my husband followed. Praise the Lord, HE gave me something when I was in first grade that would bode well for me in my latter years. I LOVE music, especially spiritual music and I started piano lessons at the age of 5. Now 70 yrs later God has made it possible for me to continue to play piano for 3 worship services at our church, along with a quartet out of our church. Also, our middle
    son is in Law Enforcement in Little Rock, and 3rd son pastors a Baptist church in Missouri, which means my heart is always in a state of prayer for their safety. I am so blessed.
    Pat, you have such a talent, I pray you never let it slip away from “non-use”!

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