Welcome friends to what I believe will be a life changing experience.  I had a dream many months ago that started with a simple phrase, “You Tell Me“.  This dream has now become a reality. The idea for the You Tell Me campaign stems from a song that I have sung for 8 years now, How Big is God.  There are millions of Christians in our world today who have no idea how BIG our God really is.  I have created a place where a community of believers can come together and discover just how big God really is.  There will be testimonials, video blogs, prayer requests, and so much more.  This will be a place where you can come everyday and find something new and uplifting.  I want you to feel at home here, because as far as I’m concerned, you are!   – Pat

- Pat Barker

About Pat

pat-barker“When I was 13 years old my Dad took me to my first Gospel concert. The Masters V came to Anniston, Alabama and I was hooked. It was at that concert that I knew this was what I wanted to do. Twenty-one years later, it came true,” says Pat Barker, bass singer of the Mark Trammell Quartet. Born in Oxford, Alabama in 1973 to Roy and Eva Barker, Pat grew up in a family that loved music. He took piano lessons for fourteen years and then vocal lessons through High School and College. With his dad a choir director and mom director of the children’s choir, Pat grew up under the godly influence of his parent’s and life at church. When he was seventeen the church where his Aunt Cathy was choir director and pianist, Plum Springs Baptist, asked him to open up for a new group called Greater Vision. “I knew them from the Cathedrals and was thrilled,” Pat explains, “They sat on the front row and cheered me on the whole time. I was scared to death but that night I prayed two prayers. ‘Let me be that big an encouragement if I ever get to do this and let me sing in a quartet with those men.’ This many years later, I still go in and watch every group I’m with and try to encourage them. Three years ago at a concert in Illinois; Gerald, Mark and Chris (the men who sang that night twenty years before) sang together again and asked me to join them on a song. It took twenty years, but God answered my prayer.”

“That night I prayed two prayers. ‘Let me be that big an encouragement if I ever get to do this and let me sing in a quartet with those men.’  It took twenty years, but God answered my prayer.”

- Pat Barker

After Pat graduated High School, he went on to college where he majored in Vocal Performance and double minored in Communication and Piano. Leaving college early to set off on his dream of singing, he landed a job with The Diplomats and stayed with them for two and half years. Coming back home to follow in his father’s footsteps, Pat lead music at his home church in Oxford.  When he was thirty-four he moved to Pensacola, Florida so he could join the Dixie Echoes. This was Pat’s first full time position as a bass singer. He remained with the Echoes until he joined the Mark Trammell Quartet in 2010.  Now, Pat lives in Douglasville, Georgia with his wife Lynelle, and children Andy, Breelyn and Emma.

“The first time I saw the Cathedrals George asked the crowd if anyone had a question,” says Pat, “I stood up and asked, ‘How did you get started in this business?’” He had answered that question a thousand times I’m sure. After the concert he found me and wrapped his hand around my neck. He looked me in the eyes and said, ‘One day you will be doing what I’m doing.’”

- Pat Barker

Many years of hard work have brought Pat to where he is today. Over the years he’s worked as a Choir Director, Youth Director, Church cook and janitor, photographer, telemarketer, baker at a bagel shop, assistant director for a state wide show choir and a waiter at Applebee’s. Though his occupations have changed from time to time, the calling of God to sing has always been present.

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